Monday, January 14, 2013

Rambo 4 and the expendables 2

I've recently seen two films starring Sylvester Stallone, namely the expendables 2 and shortly after that I've watched Rambo 4 again.

Both of these films get a lot of their appeal from nostalgia and the violence aspect, but in different ways and with a huge difference in impact and quality.

Let's start off with the expendables 2.
This movie and its predecessor built up an enormous amount of hype because of the cast.
It's a film starring almost every single action hero my generation grew up with...
And it feels completely empty and meaningless, and I quite literally got too bored to continue watching twice.
The best part of this film is an impromptu Chuck Norris fact, which kind of says much.
In all likelihood I've become too desensitized to movie violence, but I can honestly say, it would've made no difference whether I watched this film or just spent the time watching paint dry.

Rambo 4, however, is another beast altogether.
It too builds on nostalgia, this time from fans of the old Rambo films.
Maybe it was the style of filming, but everything about this movie feels delightfully raw and crude.
Other than that it lacks the somewhat worthless attempts at humor made in the expendables 2, giving it that much needed serious tone.
Other than that the film also manages to include a deeper commentary on the futility of blind idealism and pacifism, further accentuated by the cynicism and character development of Rambo himself, perfectly portrayed by Stallone.
The only thing that detracts from the delightful cynicism of it all is that The good guys still win at the end. 

In short, Rambo 4 beats the brainless action flick by miles.

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